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Marsa Alam has been until recently a small fishing village on the west coast of the Red Sea. After 2001 with the opening of the international airport, has grown rapidly to become a popular tourist destination as Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, whilst retaining the wild and virgin charm of Old Egypt.
Situated near the Tropic of Cancer where the Red Sea meets the Sahara desert, the city offers every type of accommodation, from luxury resorts with every amenity till eco-resort-inspired Bedouin. The new Marina Port Ghalib has added a unique touch to the place, with a mooring space for boats and yachts and the best alternative in terms of relaxation and entertainment along the Red Sea coast, from gourmet restaurants to spas center.
Marsa Alam in Arabic means "the bay of flags", so called because it was the custom of local fishermen that report it with flags to allow small boats at sea to more easily find their way back. Originally a small fishing village at the time of the Pharaohs and then at the time of the Romans, it became an important center of mining due to the rich gold mines.

The dive sites accessible from Marsa Alam are among the best in the Red Sea for more experienced divers. Coral reefs in excellent condition and a rich marine flora including dugongs and dolphins are among the main attractions. For the less experienced diver, coral reefs close to shore provide an ideal environment to spend hours observing marine wildlife. Marsa Alam is also famous throughout the world for kite surfing and is an ideal starting point for safaris and explorations. In ancient times, in the mountains that surround it were dug mines of gold and emeralds that today you can visit. The nearby national parks of Gebel Elba and Wadi Gimal, host a large variety of birds and animals of the desert.
The pleasant climate makes it ideal for holidays, with winter temperatures that can reach 31 ° C and summer temperatures between 20 and 35 ° C.